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Mar 5, 2014

“The words ‘I love you’ are…”

~being insecure in a relationship’s future is a given, but it’s more important to focus on being happier in the present:

 “Because there is no future if there is no present.”

Wan (voiceover): “‘I love you’ isn’t just a phrase that means ‘I like you’—it means ‘Through you I’m going to discover a new me.’”

Wan (voiceover): “The words ‘I love you’ are an oath to conquer insecurity and make new moments every day.”

Joo-yeon (voiceover): “The words ‘I love you’ are a promise to think of the present moment as forever, and not worry about the future.”

P/s ; Little advice to guys, - When a girl say 'No', you shouldn't stop at the first No, should have wait till 2nd or 3rd No. You never know till you try. 

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