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Nov 27, 2010

Dear mom....

Dear Mom
for some reason i’m worn out and tired

remaining alone in my room, hugging a pillow

touching my phone, my heart is

for some reason lonely today

freightened by the sudden ringing of my phone

my mother’s worried call asking me if i’ve eatten

those normally annoying words are different today

those forgotten promises are being remembered.

I’ll become a person with a beautiful heart

become a person who is selfless

i’ll protect the expectations from mother’s love

i think of mother who used to share my dreams and brush my hair

though i’ve made hurtful, wrong choices you silently watched over me from behind

though a young and ‘innocent’/ not yet fully understanding child, i think i
understand now, the meaning behind mother’s silent prayers

what do I do, my yet small heart
will it do well without holding mothers hand
i fear/am weary because I still lack so much

i’ll become a wise mother’s daughter, give me the strength/confidence

i’ll become a praiseworthy daughter no matter where I go

I’ll become a heart that is warm as the unconditional love you’ve shown me

I was shy and couldnt often express,

that mother, i really love you.
Cr : Girls Generation
p/s: only da hearts knows.....
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