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Apr 3, 2013

Things Mak Said To Me

Heap! =')
These words are the words that my mom said to me since I small kids. I start to realize she was right, especially when u read between the lines.

#Bila makan, ingat orang belakang jugak

U really need to emphasize the last words now, as I grow up as people starting to forget this when they grew older.

#Banyak sangat merengek ni, da besar da kan

This sound like harsh to me but when I think of it, shes right. I am big enough that I know its wrong to complain for small things

#Simpan duit tu, jangan membazir sgt. Nati nak guna mana nak cari.

This one thing that its really hard for me to comply. T-T I need to try harder.

#Mak ngan Ayah tak banyak harta pon, ilmu je mak ngan ayah boleh bagi. 

Bile mak buat ayat tacing macam ni....

These meaningful words, they are not just words. I try to use them in my life, hopefully for my whole life.

U really need to learn to read between the lines.

p/s : I wanna try again, smile again. Its... not too late right? 
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