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Dec 14, 2013



HAI blog! Hahaha LOOOONNNGGGG time no see huh??


Fuh fuh fuh > Nk tiup sikit habuk2 yg ade sni. 
Blog ku! Ap khabar?? Sihat?? Huuuu 
It's been a year rite?? Huwaaaaa
Im such a lazy owner.

A year that full of tears I might say. 
Haha No worries! There are a lot of laughters too now.
Allah give n take. Thats how our relationship are! 
Its feel awkward! Haha Semua berubah ni. Layout, settings n everything!
Huwaaaa Ni namanya x jejak tanah setahun ni. =P

Now I should start blogging again. I need this! Blog! Please help me! Im sorry that you have such a lazy owner! >.<
Maybe I'll start with my Cambodia trip rite?
Next entry decided!
Nitey nite blog. We'll meet again soon! 
And Im soooo glad I could see u again! =))

1 comment:

nemo said...

salam...plz update soon...waiting for ur next update..

from ur loveable silent reader<3

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